WHIP worked from A to Z on this project to present the UFC Heavyweight Top 3 Fighters.
- We first worked on the Music by producing a beat which sampled a Heavy Metal guitar to add more impact to the video.
You can listen to our music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7cPc4ZP9B3K8a7q45OZ0VA
- Then we worked on Art Direction for the project using the UFC Red for the presentation of the fighters and a Gold color for their celebrations and the victorious parts.
-We worked on all the Illustrations using 2 different technics for the Top 3 Francis NGannou, Ciryl Gane and Stipe Miocic and the others Tai Tuivasa, Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis.
Video editing, motion design, animation, 3D elements are also a part of this whole video project.

VIDEO part 04 - FRANCIS NGANNOU #1 - The Predator
VIDEO part 03 - CIRYL GANE #2 - Bon Gamin
VIDEO part 02 - STIPE MIOCIC #3 - Stone Cold

UFC Heavyweight Ranking:
Jairzinho Rozenstruik #9
Alexander Volkov #8
Tom Aspinall #7
Derrick Lewis #6
Curtis Blaydes #5
Tai Tuivasa #4

We animated the shapes 2 times.
The first with an apparition and then a standing position and the second one with an apparition/disparition to have something quick to put on the videos.

We designed a 3D Octogon with the UFC logo we used for the intro and the transitions between Fighters.

I first draw the portrait of Ciryl Gane. 
I knew I wanted a close-up on the faces of the two fighters so I tried to detailed the illustration.
I first tried "stylized" eyebrow. Something I changed after drawing the second fighter because of a lack of consistency between the 2 styles due to the work done on the beard of Tuivasa. 

Then, I drawn Tuivasa with a lot of details on his beard.
There are 1 layer for the black ink, then a layer for the white lights, 2 layers for the 2 shadows level (opacity 50% and opacity 30%), 1 for the lights (opacity 20%) and then layers for the color of the skin, eyes, hairs etc...

These illustrations was made for the last screen of a whole Video dedicated to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Heavyweight Fighters on a 16/9 (1920*1080px) which announce the next fight between Ciryl Gane #2 and Tai Tuivasa #4 for the first time in Paris - FRANCE.
I'd like to keep the UFC Brand Identity with these Shapes on top and the bottom of the design.
We used the Gold color UFC uses for some of their Fight Night announcement posters because we chose to use the Red Black and White for the whole video with some Gold elements when we presents the victory moments of each fighter. Here, because we wanted to present the next fight and its exceptional value, and because "yellow" is closer to the skin color than red, we opted for Gold.
We re-use the shapes we designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects to separate the two fighters and to dress-up the background layer.

Step01: step by step, we first animate the different parts of the visual using precomp in After Effects to be able to manage it after, at the end, to fit between each elements.
Step 02: We first animate the shapes simply to present the event and the date.
Step 03: Then we animated the names of the fighters in precomps using some masks and a rotated glitch.
Step 04: We re-use the shapes we animated for the whole project (appearing in Red/Black/White in the video) by changing the colors. These shapes are used to separate the fighters AND for the BackGrounds.
Step 05: And this is what it looks like when it's done and all the elements are managed together.

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